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Can Isover CWS be used below DPC level in masonry cavity walls?

Isover CWS is manufactured with a water-repellent binder, meaning that it can safely be used below DPC level in masonry cavity walls without the risk of ground moisture bridging the DPC via capillary action.

Can ISOVER Spacesaver be used in a sloped or vertical application?

Isover Spacesaver is a low-density loft insulation roll, and as such we would only recommend it be used in a horizontal application as it may not self-support in any sloped or vertical application.

Do I need to wear PPE when installing your insulation products?

Our safety data sheets provide information on the precautions that should be taken when installing our Mineral Wool products.

Does your insulation attract rodents or other vermin?

Our insulation offers zero nutritional value to vermin, although if rodents can access the insulation they may use it as a nest.

Once installed, how long will your insulation last in my building?

Once installed, if left unmolested and undisturbed we can say that the insulation will perform for the expected lifespan of the building into which it is installed, which is generally taken to be 60 years.

What is a Euroclass ‘reaction to fire’ rating?

A Euroclass ‘reaction to fire’ rating is a measure of a product’s behaviour when exposed to a direct ignition source. The behaviour is classified as A1 through to F, with A1 attaining the highest level of performance and F the lowest level of performance.

What is the best way to cut Mineral Wool insulation?

Specialist insulation saws and knives are widely available, these should be used to trim or cut our insulation products when required.

Where can I find the Declaration of Performance (DoP) for your insulation products?

Visit our webpage dedicated to our Declarations of Performance to download the appropriate DoP for your product, or alternatively look for a link on the relevant Product Page.

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